Secretly monitor your children, employees, spouse’s PC activity: Web Sites, Chatting, and Much More.

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0.10.2013 - 4.7 Released
The NEW 7 - Day Big Brother 4.7 trial version is released, with great response!

01.04.2013 - Updated Virus Detection Software
Anti-virus software will not pick up Big Brother, keeping the program completely undetectable

Records ALL keystrokes
Records ALL users accounts!
Send logs secretly via EMAIL!
NOBODY knows its running!
Hotkey / password protected !

Secretly monitor your children, employees, spouse’s PC activity: Web sites, Chatting, Much More.

Sometimes everyone needs a Big Brother, Keeping your children safe, spouse honest, and employees in line.   Big Brother Keylogger is a user-friendly surveillance tool that runs in a completely invisible stealth mode, automatically at your computer’s startup.  Big Brother records keystrokes entered, programs run, websites visited (even if the user cleans the browser history and cache), Chatting sessions (including AIM, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, GoogleTalk, IE, Netscape and Firefox), passwords, instant messages, screen snapshots at set intervals, plus much more.  Big Brother’s Unique playback mode lets you view captured keystrokes/ programs/ webpages/ screenshots in real time, while webpages are actually cached for viewing offline.  All information captured is stored in an encrypted log file.  The log file can be sent secretly and automatically at scheduled intervals to any specified email address, or reviewed locally.

* Please note : Demo version displays messagebox once a day.


“I have never seen a program like your's, once i reviewed the email on my laptop computer and started to see the live shots of my home computer I was knocked of my chair! Your program has helped me see for myself what was really going on. I knew something was up and now I have proof! ”

William R . 

“I have to say thanks for creating such a life saving tool, my 13 yrs old daughter is safe today because of your program. It really revealed things to me that I could not have imagined.”

John H. 

“As a network administrator for a major corporation, I was going to pass on your software because it was so inexpensive. After trying it out for several days, the interface and ease of use compelled me to purchase the full version.”

Brandon E.

“I must admit that my $30 was very well spent as I found out my 8 year old son was chatting (while playing online games) with older adults who were telling them they loved him and other such nonsense. I also saw him tell them where he lived (city and state) and how old he was. After witnessing these things through the use of your program I spoke to my son and took care of the issue. There will not be a next time for such an occurrence as I will continue to monitor his activity closely with Big Brother. Thanks Again for this program!”

Karen F.




Demo version also available from CNET's


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